Eberron The Chronicle Of The Last Prophecy

Interlude (Hark's Journey)

Sing oh, heavenly muse
sing thy song and let it burn me
Let it scar me deep
to the core of my psyche
and let that scar fuel in me
the strength and inspiration
to tell the tale of those now gone

Let me sing of Love and War
of deeds both high and low
of men made of stone and steel
of ghosts made of blood

Let me pierce the veil of Time
and gaze upon the remnants of the dreams
of those whose memory
is but a whisper in the wind,
a cold ember in an abandoned hearth.

Come my unwilling listeners
come closer to the fire and listen to a dying song
of a world now long forgotten
Open your heart
and your mind’s eye
and witness
the Dream that is Ebberon!

… The shadows danced all around him. They used to scare him when he was little. It took an immense effort of will to follow his brother in their usual play of hide and seek. How abruptly that had changed. Now the dance of the shadows was his friend, his lover. He would lose himself in them and vanquish from the eyes of all mortals. Tonight, like a strange wandering illusionist, passing from hamlet to hamlet, he would perform his act once more. He would step into the shadows and reach the gate. He took a deep breath. He clenched the pommels of his swords, a habit he had picked up lately. Smiles raised one more time his head towards the sky and whispered: “I am a ghost”…



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