“Hither came a Warforged, unnamed, forgotten, hammer in hand, a wanderer, a soldier, a warlord, with gigantic desires and non-existent mirth, to tread the bloody battlefields of Eberron under his steel-plated feet”


Eberron’s Wanderer

…being a collection of short tales about a member of that most wondrous of Eberron’s races, a Warforged. What place is there for a race bred for war after war’s end? What place is there for men who are freed from their masters butnever knew that they weren’t free? What place is there for those who were never nurtured by a mother’s breast, who never knew a life other than the army camp, the training yard and the field of battle? When a warforged dresses in a pink dress, green velvet slippers and a wig of curly, blond hair does that make it a woman? Answers to these popular questions may be found herein but it’s not the purpose of these tales to educate. Actually, one could say that there is no purpose to these tales other than relating moments out of a life that has spanned the millenia. Perhaps, they serve as an introduction to this wanderer but if so, why did he choose to introduce himself now of all times? Is there some significance to this time, the fulfillment of the Draconic Prophecy perhaps, or the culmination of some other work that spans the ages? If so, is the work done for a nefarious or beneficial putpose? For whom is it so? After all, one man’s devilry usually is another’s gospel. Such uncertainty, so many unknowns…let’s just say that there’s no purpose to these tales other than have them being told and leave it at that…


Eberron The Chronicle Of The Last Prophecy tas_103