Longbow of the fourth wind

weapon (ranged)

Weapon: Bow +1
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1 d8 damage per plus
Power (at will) : Create arrows of magical force, when it’s bowstring is knocked.
Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An enemy hits you with a melee or a close attack. Effect: Make a ranged basic attack against the triggering enemy using this weapon. This attack doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks. On a hit, you also push the target 2 squares.


The Longbow of the fourth wind was given to the first Reeve of the village Blackroot, by it’s founder. A knight that fought a horror at this location to free the people that the horror had enslaved. The knight won the battle and bade the people to build a village at this location. The villagers built a statue in the knight’s honour and he left something hidden within, to be offered to the saviours of the village, should it ever be saved from a great evil. So it has passed down orally from reeve to reeve since then. After the heroes saved the villager’s of Blackroot from Belashyrra’s Harvest the Longbow was offered to them by the new Reeve and was claimed by Nairo Drake.

Longbow of the fourth wind

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